Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Woot! Woot! The Thermometer Keeps Going Up!

Today, we got an update from LifeSong for Orphans! We passed the 1/3 mark and are almost 1/2 to meeting our $3,000 matching grant! The thermometer on the side of the blog now reads $1,341!

As I looked over the list of donations that LifeSong sent me, one thing I noticed is that every donation matters! No amount is too small! Most of the donations were $50 and under. We have had 31 donations, so the average donation amount would be $40. No donation has been over $100. So far we have had:

  $100 –  5 donations
     $50  –  10 donations
 $30  –  1 donation
   $25  –  7 donations
   $20  –  6 donations
   $10  –  2 donations
   $5  –  1 donation

Right now, I feel blown away! Maybe I have too little faith in God? It is amazing to see him moving the financial mountains that stand between us and bring home our children! Sometimes I have wondered if anyone would donate to our matching fund. If the whole $3,000 would be raised. But now I feel confident that it can happen! We are almost 1/2 way to the goal! I feel blessed that 31 different families have chosen to donate so we can bring our kids home! Some of these families I have never even met! Some are old college friends, or church friends, or family, and even my childhood dentist gave! I am excited to see who God uses to bring in the remaining $1,659 to meet our matching grant!

Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for your sacrifice to help us bring our children home!

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