Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Little Taste of Bulgaria

Before we started researching countries to adopt from, I am not sure I had even heard of Bulgaria. Most people we share our adoption plans with haven't heard of Bulgaria either. In case your wondering, Bulgaria is right here.

Now, I am trying to learn what I can about Bulgarian culture. I have a great CD of Bulgarian phrases for adoptive parents, I listen to in the car. I look through Bulgarian travel books from the library. I have some Bulgarian cookbooks on my wish list on Amazon. Andrew and I even found an international grocery store with a small Bulgarian section!

I was so happy when I stumbled across this recently while reading an adoption blog. I thought you, our family and friends, might like to know more about the culture of Bulgaria too, so I just had to share!


  1. I've also been looking for a good Bulgarian cookbook to order. What is the best-looking one you have found so far? I can't decide.

  2. I have several saved to my with list on Amazon, but haven't actually bought any yet...

    This one has good reviews - ttp://

    This one also has good reviews -