Monday, February 4, 2013

Update: Homestudy Interviews Scheduled!

We had hoped to do our homestudy in January. Life doesn't always go as hoped! Our adoption process seemed to crawl along slower than a turtle through January.

In mid December, we had turned in all of our part of the paperwork to the homestudy adoption agency. We were raring to start on our homestudy at the beginning of January. We had one hold up to starting our homestudy. The state had not sent the copy of my fingerprint results to our homestudy agency yet. Unfortunately government offices don't always work on my time schedule. ( On November 16, I had requested a copy of my fingerprint results that I had just had done for the preschool where I work to be sent to our homestudy agency.) We could not move forward with the homestudy until my finger print results came back.

Waiting is not fun. I did not pray for patience. I called the state office that handles request for copies of fingerprint results to make sure my request had been filled out correctly, hadn't been lost, etc. I called our homestudy agency about weekly to see if they had gotten my results back and we could start our homestudy.

 My finger prints finally came in to the adoption agency near the end of January. The last day of January, I was thrilled when we got a call and email from our social worker, K. We are scheduled for our first interview as a couple with K. for this coming Saturday! K. is going to fit all for of our meetings in one week to help us get our homestudy completed so that we can file our immigration forms ASAP and we can make our June 7 deadline to have all our dossier paper work finished and ready to mail to our international agency, Children of All Nations.


  1. The whole adoption process seems to be a cycle of "Hurry up and wait!" Congrats on getting your interview scheduled! The homestudy process was a lot of work, but the interviews were kindof fun! :)

  2. we are using Children of all nations also. We just got back from our first trip to meet our daughter. Wishing you the best in your journey

  3. WE are adopting from Bulgaria also, a little girl. We just submitted our completed dossier to our agency (All God's Children) and are waiting on the translation process so we can be officially logged in with the MOJ. So excited to follow your story too.