Thursday, March 12, 2015

Adoption Shower!

Our small group at church hosted an adoption shower for us! Andrew and I had a lovely time celebrating our coming adoption with friends. We felt surrounded by love and support on our adoption journey. We feel blessed to be surrounded with such friends!

Everyone wrote a card for us with either a note of encouragement, parenting advice, Bible verse, or activities to do together as a family. During our first year with our children home, whenever we need a little encouragement or some new parenting ideas, we can take a card out and read it. The children at the party wrote notes or drew pictures on cards for M and E.

Andrew and I opened gifts together! We loved the games and Legos, cute clothes and PJs, sheets and more that we received. One friend was even so thoughtful as to give us a huge box of snacks and cereal, telling us "you have no idea how much your grocery bill will go up once your children are home." Our small group went together and purchased a twin mattress and box spring for us! Thank you!

After gift opening, our friends made a circle around us and prayed for our adoption and for us as we from a new family. Then we ate a combination of delicious American and Bulgarian foods and cake for dessert!

The excitement of looking forward to the shower all week, the fun of the shower itself, the fellowship with friends during the shower, and admiring the gifts again when we got home helped us get through another week of waiting until we see our children again.

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