Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hurrah for "Passing Court"

We were fingerprinted on Monday (April 20) evening using an FBI channeler to expedite the process. On Wednesday (April 22), less than 48 hours later, we received a PDF file in Andrew's email in box with our updated background checks! We immediately forwarded those to our agency who forwarded them on to Bulgaria to be translated. On Thursday (April 23) we found a courier service, Caring Hands, in DC who only charged a flat rate of $35 (some place charge $100-$200 per document! Crazy!). On Friday (April 24), morning Caring Hands hand delivered our documents to the Department of State to be apostilled. They will pick them back up on this Wednesday (April 29) and send them via DHL to our agency in Bulgaria for us!

In the meantime, yesterday (April 27), our judge in Bulgaria had another hearing for our adoption. I was nervous waiting for the phone call to tell us how it went.  The judge accepted the emailed background checks until the apostilled hard copies get there! Horrah! As they say in the adoption community, "we passed court!" The judge approved our adoption of M and E! She is supposed to sign the official court decree on May 5.

We thought all this would delay our travel to Bulgaria by at least a week, but our adoption agency told us to plan on the same travel dates as before all this happened! So thankful that we will all be together as a family of 4 soon!

Andrew and I celebrated by going out to Wendy's for Frosties!

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