Monday, May 11, 2015

Thoughts on Motherhood

Yesterday was Mother's Day. I am now a mother to 3 children across the ocean from me. Shortly they will be in my arms. But not this year for Mothers' Day. I received 3 cards for my first Mother's Day! Several people asked me yesterday if I feel like a mother? Yes and No. I feel ready to be a Mother. Or at least as ready as any mother ever is. I desire to be a mother to M and E! But I don't think I will completely feel like a mother until we pick M and E up.

Photography by Ryan Watters

Photography by Ryan Watters

What kind of a mother do I want to be? Patient, Kind, Caring, Loving, Strong, Fun, Godly, A Good Listener. I want to be a mom who can laugh and cry with her children. I mom who believes in her children and who fights for the best for her children.

I read a poem on a friends blog recently.

Be strong, but not rude. 

Be kind, but not weak. 

Be bold, but not bully. 

Be thoughtful, but not lazy. 

Be humble, but not timid. 

Be proud, but not arrogant. 

Have humor, but without folly.

- Jim Rohn

That got me thinking some about the qualities I hope to teach and model to my children, and the qualities I hope they have as adults. Then in church the next day the sermon about loving others brought my thoughts back to what I hope for my children.

My goals in parenting E and M:
  • My children to have a deep felt confidence that they are loved unconditionally by their parents and by God. 
  • My children to show love to themselves
  • My children to show love to others
  • To have a bold faith to follow God wherever He leads them in life.
  • To know how to know the balance of both working and playing hard
  • To be strong and humble


  1. Hi Katie, You are now a mother to three children? Who/Where is the third child in addition to E & M? Blessings

  2. I too am wondering who the third child is. :)