Thursday, October 11, 2012

Everyday Life While Adopting

Sometimes it seems weird that everyday life keeps going on when something as exciting as adoption is happening in our lives.  How can life seem so "normal" when life is changing is this dramatic way? Is this how a pregnant woman feels?

Everyday, I think about adoption while I go about my normal business.  I go to work, clean house, wash and fold laundry, all the while thinking adoption thoughts.

I wonder...What will our children be like? If they are even born yet? What gender will our children be?  What will it be like to suddenly be parenting two toddler/preschool age children whom we just met, are in culture shock, and we can't even talk to because, they don't even speak the same language as we do? 

I dream... Of meeting them for the first time.  Of holding them close. Of seeing their beautiful smiles and hearing them laugh.

I long to buy fun toys and cute little kid clothes....Only I don't know whether we will have boys or girls, or maybe one of each. Or even what sizes they will wear.  Or what their interests will be.

I pray... That they will have enough food to eat today.  That they will be warm and have a place to stay. That someone will care for them today.  That someday they will know how much we love them and how much Jesus loves them.  That someday they will love Jesus in return.

I love to talking to anyone interested.  (I could talk you ear off for hours and answer many of your questions about adoption - it is my favorite topic!)


  1. I too have these same thoughts. I think it probably is a little how a pregnant mommy feels. =)

  2. Awww! Love the insight!

  3. we are adopting once again from Bulgaria email me or call anytime 318 752 3172
    The Davis Family for Braska and Zack