Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Day 3 with M.

We have been gone to Bulgaria for 2 weeks! Now that we are home, I will be blogging all about our trip. Click theses links if you would like to first read about our trip to Bulgaria. We first spent 5 days meeting our daughter E, then 5 days with our son M. You can read here about the day we met our son M.

From October 26:

View from our Hotel Window
Once again the beautiful snow was falling. We didn't realize it was daylight savings in Bulgaria (a week before ours in the US) and we woke up at our usual time (no alarm clock needed - we just woke up around 7am each morning). We went downstairs to the hotel lobby to meet our interpreter and driver, but of course they weren't there. The lady behind the desk communicated through pointing at her cell phone that the time had changed. So we went back upstairs for another hour.

Because the roads were snowy and trees were down, our son's foster father brought him into town to our hotel. We spent a third day together in our hotel room. Poor energetic kid confined to a hotel room for 3 days! We played all the same things together - Playdough, Go Fish, Crazy 8, batting the balloon around. Andrew and M. had a great father/son time wrestling on the bed. Andrew laid on the bed and M. would run and jump on him. I loved watching them! 

Playdough  in our hotel room!
Instead of going to the restaurant we stayed at the hotel and had chicken soup with fresh lemon to squeeze in it and fresh bread. Mmm! Perfect on a cold snowy day!

We took M. home in the afternoon and returned to our hotel to find we had no electricity! I am sure it was because of the snow and the trees that were down! (We had also had 3 different times already when there was no water! We would turn on the sink or shower in our hotel room and nothing would come out. After a few hours, the water would return.) I told our driver and interpreter not to worry, we had packed our sense of adventure with us! Andrew had also been smart and packed a small flashlight with a new battery. I told him we wouldn't need that, but he said we might need it and he was right. It got very dark early and we went to bed since we had no light besides the flashlight. I was worried about the cold and we piled on extra blankets. After we had been a sleep for a while, the electricity came back on and we were awaken by heater clicking on and all the lights in our room suddenly coming on. We must have left a switch up! I got up and turned them off and went back to sleep.

The story continues about day 4 with our son here.

I know you all want to see pictures of our handsome son. However, I won't be sharing any pictures publicly on the internet. In order to be allowed to take pictures with M., we had to sign papers saying we wouldn't publish his name or photos online.

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