Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Day 4 with M.

We have been gone to Bulgaria for 2 weeks! Now that we are home, I will be blogging all about our trip. Click theses links if you would like to first read about our trip to Bulgaria. We first spent 5 days meeting our daughter E, then 5 days with our son M. You can read here about the day we met our son M.

From October 27:

Although it was still cold, the sun was shining! We did not spend the day in our hotel room! We went to a near by larger city to have M.'s photo taken for his Visa. M.'s foster mother came along and sat up front where Ivan, our translator usually sits. Ivan sat in the back of the hatch backed car on a seat that flips up out of the floor. M. sits in the back seat between Andrew and me. M. though Ivan sitting basically in the trunk was funny. He said to his foster mother. "Look, Uncle is sitting in the back like luggage!"

After we had M.'s visa picture taken, we went to a near by mall that had a play area with a big inflatable bouncy house/slide. M. loved it! Next, M. did sand art pictures at a little shop. I would peel off a sticky section for him and then he would spoon the sand over it. Here is a beautiful rose he made for me!

M. also loved the escalators and automatically opening doors at the mall. Andrew took him up and down the escalators just for fun! M. found the automatically opening doors fascinating. We spent probably 5 minutes just standing in front of the doors making them open, walking in and out, etc. Oh, the laughter and smile over the things we take for granted! 

On the way back home, M. was quite. We think he might have been realizing this was one of our last times together and been sad. Also, we think he was sad to leave all the excitement of the mall, tired out, and possibly over stimulated at the mall. Once we returned to M.'s foster home, he perked back up. He sat on my lap and looked at the photo album we made him. We talked about what it would be like once he was adopted and lived with us in America. M. was full of lots of plans for what life will be like. He said he wants a red fast bicycle like daddy's and a basket on the front like momma's. M. thought with a basket he could ride to the store and get a loaf of bread, etc. for me. I am thinking to myself, "You are very sweet and helpful to volunteer, but NO way would I let you ride to the grocery store by yourself!"

We also had a chance to chat with M.'s foster mother and ask her questions. Then we said goodbye for the evening.

I know you all want to see pictures of our handsome son. However, I won't be sharing any pictures publicly on the internet. In order to be allowed to take pictures with M., we had to sign papers saying we wouldn't publish his name or photos online.

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