Monday, May 25, 2015

Pictures from Meeting Martin

In October 2014, we spent 5 days getting to know our son Martin. No that we have passed court and he is legally ours, we can share pictures with you!

Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures of or with Martin on the first day we met him.

Mother and Son

Soaking up the Affection

Lunch together in a local restaurant

Third day in a row spent in a hotel room due to weather! Martin is doing just great though!

So glad I have the privilidge of being your mother!

Father and Son

Horsey Rides are a favorite!

Help with Sand Art from his foster mother, Tanya

We had hoped for a playground in the mall, but found this sand art place instead!

Making presents for Andrew, me, and Tanya

A few cents buys a lot of fun!

The mall also had an arcade place

Shooting basket balls together

I know he is going to miss his foster mother and sister!

More Horsy rides!

Last photo together before saying goodbye

So thankful for Martin's foster parents! 

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