Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Woot! Woot! The Thermometer Keeps Going Up!

Today, we got an update from LifeSong for Orphans! We passed the 1/3 mark and are almost 1/2 to meeting our $3,000 matching grant! The thermometer on the side of the blog now reads $1,341!

As I looked over the list of donations that LifeSong sent me, one thing I noticed is that every donation matters! No amount is too small! Most of the donations were $50 and under. We have had 31 donations, so the average donation amount would be $40. No donation has been over $100. So far we have had:

  $100 –  5 donations
     $50  –  10 donations
 $30  –  1 donation
   $25  –  7 donations
   $20  –  6 donations
   $10  –  2 donations
   $5  –  1 donation

Right now, I feel blown away! Maybe I have too little faith in God? It is amazing to see him moving the financial mountains that stand between us and bring home our children! Sometimes I have wondered if anyone would donate to our matching fund. If the whole $3,000 would be raised. But now I feel confident that it can happen! We are almost 1/2 way to the goal! I feel blessed that 31 different families have chosen to donate so we can bring our kids home! Some of these families I have never even met! Some are old college friends, or church friends, or family, and even my childhood dentist gave! I am excited to see who God uses to bring in the remaining $1,659 to meet our matching grant!

Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for your sacrifice to help us bring our children home!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Rained Out!

We got rained out on our workday to help Mrs. Tucker! We have rescheduled for November 2!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Letter-Writing Party!

We are gearing up for our Both Hands Foundation work day where we will be helping Mrs. Gobel Tucker with much needed yard work around her home! We have an awesome team of volunteers! They all met at our house last Thursday or Friday evening to prepare sponsorship letters! Thank you Dave and Jenny, Alanna, Tim and Arlette, Shane, Travis and Jody, Matt and Tara, Kirsten, and Ryan and Danielle!

A special thanks goes to Matt for helping keep all the children entertained!

We sent out over 200 letters! Stay tuned for more information from our workday on October 19th!