Help Us Adopt

Some of our family and friends want to help us with our adoption!  Thank you!  we appreciate your support as we make this journey.  So how can you help?

We need your prayers!  Please pray for:
  • Us - pray as we gather all the necessary paper work, as we wait, as we take parenting training.
  • Our Agency -  Pray for our adoption agency and the people who will be working to complete all our paperwork.  
  • Our Child - Please pray for our child half way around the world. Pray for safety, for health, for basic needs to be met.  Please pray for our child's caregivers in the orphanage. 
  • Government Officials - Pray for the government officials here and in Bulgaria that will be working on our adoption.  
  • Finances - Pray that God will supply all our adoption needs.

When You Buy on Amazon
Every time you buy something on Amazon using our link, Amazon will give us a percentage of the sale!  (Excluding items saved in your cart.) It is simple!  If you use Amazon often, please consider saving our link and using it every time you buy!  It will cost you nothing extra and help us offset our adoption expenses!

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