Thursday, January 22, 2015

Happy 12th B-day E!

Last week, we celebrated our daughter E.'s 12 birthday. We chose a Hello Kitty watch for E. weeks ago and mailed it to another adoptive mother who is traveling to Bulgaria this month and will give it to E. for her birthday. E. will receive it a late, but at least she will now we are thinking about her!

Since we couldn't be with E on her birthday, we decided to go out for cupcakes! Andrew had chocolate mocha and I chose a lemon.

It was fun to celebrate our daughter's birthday. At the same time I felt sad thinking that we had missed celebrating the previous 11 and we wouldn't be able to celebrate her birthday with her until next year when she has her 13th birthday.

Update: We are still waiting on a signature from the Bulgarian Minister of Justice. Once we receive this, our case will be assigned to a judge in Bulgaria. the judge will schedule our case into his docket. After our case is approved by a Bulgarian judge, there will be a 7 day waiting period and we will officially be the parents of M. and E. Then the paperwork will be translated and we can pick them up. We hope to pick them up in April.