Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I Have a Secret...and I Want to Tell!

We told our immediate family and closest friends our plans to adopt in June for Father's day.  We decided to wait to tell everyone because this is a long process and we hadn't even chosen an agency at that point.  Now we have been accepted by CAN and are officially on this journey.  We sent the big first payment in the mail and are committed to adopting.  Should we tell?  How will people react?  We know some people won't understand at first.  Is it just easy to keep the secret and avoid the misunderstandings for a while?

(I have already been told that it is "weird that we are adopting with out trying to have our 'own' [aka biological] children first".  These will be our "own" kids and we will be their "real" parents, but don't get me started on that...  By the way, the person who made above comments has adjusted to the idea and is now in support of us. Still, hurt my feelings at first.) 

Should we wait until after the home study is over? Or the Dossier is complete? Maybe we should wait to tell until we get a referral because it could be three years or longer (or hopefully shorter).  I really am excited about it and want to share with our friends and church family.  I would love to have their support for this long journey ahead.

This is too big of a secret to keep!  But for a little while longer at least, it will remain a secret.  And no one will read my blog posts.  But I am writing this anyway, because this excitement needs an outlet.


  1. Yay!! I'm so excited for you guys!! God has an amazing little blessing for two incredible people. :)

  2. Congratulations! I think it is wonderful that you have decided to adopt. God bless you on this journey. I look forward to following your blog.