Monday, January 21, 2013

Financial Update on Our Adoption

Hooray! Homestudy Expenses Paid For!

The expenses of adopting are one of the biggest obstacles that we have to overcome on our adoption journey.  We praise God that He is providing for every expense! So far, somehow, when the money was due, we could send in the check! It is a huge faith builder to see how God provides for our adoption expenses! In December, we were able to send in the last check to pay for our homestudy, which cost $1,750 ($250 for application fee and $1,500 homestudy fee)!

If God can provide for the sparrow, I know he will provide for two little children in Bulgaria who need to come home to their mommy and daddy in the USA!

 What Is Next?
We still have some more fundraising to do! We know God will provide!

Our next big expense is $5,313 due June 7, 2013.  About half of this payment will be for our international adoption agency and about half will be sent to their partner agency in Bulgaria who will be translating our paperwork, filing it with the appropriate Bulgarian government agencies, and paying legal/government fees.

How Do We Plan to Meet Our Next Financial Deadline?
  1. Trusting God - We know God is calling us to adopt, so He will provide for our adoption expenses!
  2. Applying for Grants - When our homestudy is completed, we will be applying for grants.
  3. Working Hard - We try to live on less than we make so we can use some of our income to help pay for adoption expenses.
  4. Fundraising - We plan on continuing our fundraisers with Amazon and Just Love Coffee. We also have some ideas for other fundraisers!
  5. Tax Refund - We put last year's tax refund check towards our adoption expenses. We hope this year we will have a tax refund too! It is never a huge check, but every little bit helps!
  6. Donations - Sometimes people express interest in giving directly towards our adoption expenses.

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