Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Homestudy Visits Complete!

This morning Andrew & I met at Panera Bread with our social worker K. for the fourth and last interview for our homestudy. Today, we talked about how Andrew and I plan to parent our child, including building a healthy self esteem of our children (especially related to their adoption) and disciplining.

I felt much more confident about this last meeting, though maybe I was still slightly nervous.  Our social worker really is here to help us with our adoption. She has offered lots of helpful insight into the transition period when our children come home and has a wealth of information about resources in our area. After the meeting, I feel so excited about our children and a little more confident in our ability to be parents. It is also exciting to be one step closer to bringing our children home.

So What Is Next?

Our social worker will work on writing up our homestudy, which is like a report for the governments involved showing that we will be good parents who are capable of caring for children adopted from Bulgaria. Our international agency, Children of All Nations, as well as Andrew and I, will get to see a draft of the homestudy report when K. is finished writing it and let her know if their are any changes that need to be made. Once we receive our approved homestudy, we will be applying for immigration approval.


  1. You guys look so great! So happy for you!!

  2. Yay! Congrats! You guys really did do your interviews quickly! We still have two more interviews to go, and I cannot wait to be on to the next step like you guys. Are you like me in that once I've been in a certain step for a long time, I just get so antsy to move on to the next step, even though I know the next step is going to be a lot of work too? ha!

  3. We are happy for you...sounds like another stepping stone.