Monday, March 4, 2013

Snapshot from our Weekend!

This weekend, Andrew and I enjoyed a trip to our local international grocery store, which has a small Bulgarian section. What we purchased:

Seasoning Packets for soups, stews and even stuffed peppers! We tried the stuffed peppers for Sunday dinner yesterday and they were delicious! Can't wait to try the soups!

Pickled Vegetables, which I wasn't sure that I would like, but am quickly acquiring a taste for! The jar we got is pictured below - called a cocktail salad. It includes pickled cucumbers, carrots, and red peppers.
Pickled vegetable "salad" which is popular in Bulgaria!

Rose Hip Marmalade, which we decided we liked but not as well as Rose Hip Jelly, which we had bought last time.
What we bought last time and loved!

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  1. Yumm...Looks like you had fun! We still haven't visited the intl' grocery store in our area because it's about an hour's drive from our home! However, we did get the "Bulgarian Rhapsody" cookbook, and it has lots of good-looking meals in it. (some not so good-looking too) The book is especially vegetarian with very few meat-based recipes.