Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Snapshots of Our Life

Wow! Life seems to be flying by. It is April and I haven't updated this blog since January. There goes my goal of updating every month!

Over the past few months, we have slowly been making progress on the family room in the basement. 

Don't you love my outfit? 
Our first color, yellow, was terrible. So we went with a robin's egg blue and loved it. Covering the ugly!
Floor finally grouted!
I attended a retreat called Created for Care especially for adoptive and foster moms! I loved it! 

Q & A with Panel of Foster and Adoptive Moms and an Adoptee

Sunrise at the Mom's Retreat!
In March, we went on a weekend trip for our 4th wedding anniversary. It was a great time together with no homework or distractions!
We got to watch at a glass blowing "factory"
Happy 4th Anniversary! I love you, my darling!
Since we have been having a little warmer weather in April, we have been enjoying our favorite park!

First grill out of the year!

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