Friday, February 27, 2015


Our paperwork is slowly crawling thru the Bulgarian system. We may (waiting to hear for sure) have received our MOJ signature and our case might be on it's way to being assigned to a judge! (Our agency told us last week that they expected this, so hopefully!)

The wait the last few weeks has been hard. We miss our kids a lot. It feels like such a long time since we have seen our kiddos. With not hearing much about the progress of our case, it feels like it is dragging on and on. (Perhaps progress is being made, but news of progress is sometimes slow to cross the Atlantic and get to us!) We knew there was a possibility that we could bring our kids home as early as some time in March, but we told ourselves it would probably by April. Now it looks like that it definitely won't be March. I am still hoping for April, but also preparing myself that it could be even May.

Thankfully, we had a short note from E. and she seems to be well, but she says she misses us. I sent a short note to M.'s foster mother and she replied that M. said he loves us! So that is nice. But still, I can't wait to hug and kiss those two! I dream all the time about picking them up and what our trip will be like and bringing them home forever. I often add in little prayers for the kids and our upcoming journey as we will adjust to being a family together.

In all this waiting we have been nesting. We visited a school we are considering and have another school we are planning to visit soon. Andrew and I (okay, mostly Andrew) have been remodeling the upstairs of our cape cod home to have two bedrooms and a bathroom for M. and E. Andrew is great at electrical wiring, moving plumbing, and drywalling. I can follow directions, help out when he needs a second pair of hands, and clean up the dusty mess. (Thanks to Mark for coming over and drywalling a few Saturdays ago and to Duane who is coming over soon to help Andrew lay trim and to Melissa and Same who are coming Saturday to help paint!)

Drywall Finishing
 We (mostly me) have also been working on sanding and painting furniture bought of Craigslist.  It helps me to keep busy during the waiting and it is exciting to prepare their rooms.

Andrew put the first coat of primer on the dresser and I did the nightstand.

We also had the fun of going to Target and registering for an adoption shower some friends are throwing for us. We liked picking out bed sheets and cute kid clothes, as well as a few toys.

Registering at Target for Our Adoption Shower
How's that for a short update? I am off to buy paint now!

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