Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Best Anniversary Gift!

Last week, we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary! The day before our anniversary, I told Andrew, "the best gift we could receive for our anniversary would be getting the Minister of Justice's signature" on our case. We submitted for the signature in January and expected it a month ago in mid-February and were still waiting. Sure enough, on our anniversary, I got a phone call from our agency. As soon as I saw the name on the caller ID, I got hopeful and excited! Our caseworker told me that our case had received the signature that morning and had been taken to court! (We are now waiting to be assigned a judge and scheduled for court date.)

I love living life with my wonderful husband everyday, through the good, the hard, and the ordinary. I love celebrating together when life brings us happy moments and supporting each other in life's difficulties. Our 5th anniversary and receiving signature were both definitely cause to celebrate! We went out to dinner and to the symphony.

At  dinner we had a window booth above a river - the day was rainy but the view was still beautiful! The river was high from all the snow melt off and recent rain.

At the symphony! We heard the world premier of Lo, a violin concerto composed and played by Pulitzer prize winner and violinist Caroline Shaw!

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