Sunday, November 25, 2012

Becoming a Multicultural Family

Somewhere Between

Children adopted internationally are somewhere between cultures. They have the heritage of their birth culture and they become part of the culture into which they are adopted. Sometimes they may feel as if they don't fit into either culture. The video below is a trailer for a documentary explaining what it is like to be adopted internationally.

A Multicultural Family

Since our children will be Bulgarian and American, our family will be multicultural. Andrew's and my job will be to help our children adjust to becoming Bulgarian Americans. We want to teach our children to be proud of the ethnicity and their birth country.  We also want them to love and become apart of their new country.  Our family will be changed when we adopt internationally. Andrew and I do not expect our children to make all the adjustments.  Andrew and I will also be adjusting our lives to become a multicultural family.

We hope to incorporate the Bulgarian culture into our lives by:
  • Learning and teaching our children about Bulgaria and their cultural history
  • Learning about and celebrating Bulgarian holidays and traditions
  • Reading stories from Bulgaria
  • Listening to Bulgarian folk music
  • Learning to cook Bulgarian foods (I found some great cook books on Amazon. Andrew and I were very excited to find a international grocery store in our area that caries traditional foods from Bulgaria!)
  • Hopefully, traveling back to Bulgaria with our children when they are either preteens or teenagers
  • Possibly attending culture camp together - I am having trouble finding a camp near us with a  Bulgarian or Eastern European program.
Do you have any other ideas for incorporating culture from birth country into everyday family life? I would love to hear them!

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