Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Grants for Adoption

According to recent studies, more than 50% of Americans consider adoption, but say that the financial burden prevents them from actually adopting a child.

For National Adoption Month, I have been blogging about ways to help off set adoption expenses in hopes that someone who thought they could not afford to adoption would find hope that they can adopt with the help of God and others.  This topic would be incomplete without a blog post about adoption grants.

Adoption grants are a big help to families who can afford the day to day expenses of adding a child to their family such as food, clothing, doctor visits, etc. but do not have the funds to pay the expenses of an adoption.  Grants do not need to be repaid, which is a huge advantage over a low interest or interest free loan. Grant foundations and organization each have different requirements.  Every organization that I have seen requires an approved homestudy.  Most organizations send money directly to adoption agencies or lawyers rather than to the adoptive families.  Some agencies require a small application fee, usually under $50.


Grant Agencies

  • National Adoption Foundation - This grant program is open to all legal adoptions including public or private agency adoptions, international, special needs or adoptions facilitated by an attorney. There is no income requirement. There is a simple one page application and the only requirement to apply is a home study, or one in progress. The NAF’s board meets four times a year, during the last week of each quarter, to award grants ranging from $500 to $2,000.
  • Sea of Faces Foundation - Sea of Faces gives grants to married Christian couples who are legal residents of the US, have a referral for a child from a developing country, have a completed homestudy and an approved I-171H or I-797C. Sea of Faces allows families to apply up to six months after a child is home. Some additional factors considered are urgency of need, church involvement, overall financial stewardship, adoption impact on your financial future, and your adoption story. Applicants must also sign a Statement of Faith, which can be previewed here.
  • Show Hope - Grants are given to Christian families adopting through a non-profit agency for domestic and international adoption.
  • The OATH Ministry - Orphans Awaiting Their Homes Ministry gives grants to families who are currently in the adoption process and have an approved homestudy by a licensed social worker.  Grants are based on the need of the families and available the OATH's available resources.
  • Affording Adoption Foundation - Grants are given three times a year to families working with Accredited Adoption Agencies or licensed attorneys in the United States who have been matched with a child.
  • Gift of Adoption Fund - Grants are awarded for domestic or international adoptions regardless of religion, race, age, number of children already in the home, or marital status. Any U.S. citizen who has an approved and current home study from a licensed and accredited adoption agency is eligible to apply for a grant from The Gift of Adoption Fund. Grants range from $1,000 to $7,500 with the average grant award at $3,500. Gift of Adoption does not fully fund adoptions but provides the last bit of help needed to bring a child home.
  • Help US Adopt - Grants are given twice a year to US citizens living inside the United States. Both couples or individuals who exhibit financial need and significant obstacles and hardship may receive grants. Helpusadopt.org accepts applications regardless of race, religion, gender, ethnicity, or marital status. Grants are up to $15,000 towards domestic, international, foster, or special needs adoption expenses.
  • A Child Awaits Foundation - Grants are given of up to $5,000 for international adoptions only to qualified U.S. citizens regardless of marital status, race, religion or national origin. Selection of the recipients will be based on a combination of age/medical condition of the child, cost of the adoption, the families' financial situation and availability of funds at A Child Waits Foundation. Adoptions must be in process through a 501 (c) (3) agency licensed to place children.
  • Hope for Fallen Leaves - Single women and legally married couples may apply, including families adopting internationally, from U.S. foster care, or domestic special needs; families with 0 – 10 children, biological or adopted; families living abroad with at least one parent being a U.S. citizen. Families must have a completed homestudy and be adopting with a non-profit agency. Funding priority will be given, but not limited to, families with the greatest financial need; families trying to keep siblings together; and families adopting special needs children.
  • The Sparrow Fund - Gives grants to help cover the expenses of a medical reviews.
  •  Brittany's Hope -Offers grants for waiting child/special needs international adoptions to families working with any of the eight agencies with whom they partner.
  • Adoption Agencies – There are several adoption agencies that have adoption grant funds available to qualified families. Examples include: Dillon International, Holt International, WACAP, Adoption ARK and many more. Most of the time, these funds are set up to assist adoptions of special needs or hard to place children.

Matching Grant Agencies

  • LifeSong for Orphans - LifeSong offers dollar-for-dollar matching grants ranging from $1,000-$4,000 to bring a child into a Christian, traditional two-parent home. LifeSong also offers interest-free adoption loans.
  • We Care for Orphans Adoption Fund - A partner of LifeSong for Orphans that also give matching grants and interest free loans.
  • Katelyn's Fund Orphan Ministry - Katelyn's Fund gives grants to help orphans to be adopted into two-parent, Christian homes. Grants are given to families showing financial hardship with adoption expenses. Applications must be submitted at least 90 days before travel and applicants must have an interview with the board before travel occurs or within 45 days of placement for domestic adoptions.
  • God's Grace Adoption Ministry - GGAM uses matching grants to help Christian, two-parent families meet adoption expenses.
PS. - Resources 4 Adoption keeps an updated list of grant foundations and their qualifications that you can download for a fee of $9.95.

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