Saturday, November 1, 2014

Heading to Bulgaria (In Pictures)

We have been gone to Bulgaria for 2 weeks! Now that we are home, I will be blogging all about our trip. 

From October 17 - 18:

Leaving our Hometown for our first flight - to Atlanta! 
Can you tell we are excited!

Dinner on the plane from Atlanta to Paris

Over night flight! Our journey was tiring but went well. We got about 4-5 hours of sleep on the plane from Atlanta to Paris.

Breakfast! I love airplane food - I know, I am strange!

Crossing the Atlantic! Nothing underneath us but water!

Less than a 2 hour layover in Paris. To short to leave the airport. But we did get to see the Eiffel Tower from our plane window when we were landing!

Welcome to Paris! We went pretty quickly thru the airport, and ended up having plenty of time and sitting and waiting at our gate for a while.

Lunch on the Plane from Paris to Sofia, Bulgaria!

Our translator, Ivon, and driver, Demo, met us at the airport and settled us into the hotel. Ivon took us to a traditional restaurant for dinner.

The food in Bulgaria is GOOD!

After dinner we walked around Sofia to see some of the sites.

Good Night! 

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