Monday, November 17, 2014

Sight Seeing in Bulgaria: Kabile

While in Bulgaria, we had an opportunity to visit Kabile, an archaeological site. Kabile, an ancient town, is situated around and on a huge rocky hill/mountain surrounded by flat land for miles, making it the perfect fortress.

When we visited Kabile, we toured a small museum before climbing the hill. We saw lots of artifacts (Pottery, Tools, Coins, Statues/gods, jewelry, etc.) from as early as 2,000 BC from ancient Thracian times, up through Greek and Roman times into the time of the Byzantine period. Andrew and I were fascinated to see how people grew in knowledge, from having only pottery through the iron age. It was very cool to look at things left behind by ancient things from thousands of years before of Christ. It was weird to think about civilizations that lasted hundreds of years, then conquered by another civilization that lasted hundreds of years. I felt a little strange, almost insignificant as a person. People live and die and time marches on. I also thought about how young America is and how, with the exception of some Native American artifacts, we don't have very many artifacts or cool things from ancient times. The oldest is maybe 400 years old - not thousands and thousands of years.

Fossils, Including an Elephant Tusk
Ancient Pottery 
Artifacts from the Iron Age

After the museum of artifacts, we walked trails outside, past an ancient Roman bath, more digs were they are still unearthing artifacts, and up the huge hill, with several pauses to catch my breath. On top of the hill, was a sanctuary for the Thracian goddess of fertility, Cybilla. There are still huge rocks positioned North to South and East to West that were used for sacrifices. From the top of Kabile, we could see a long ways. What a view!

Ruins of Roman Bath

Dimo, Our Driver

Ivan, Our Translator

We climbed to the top!

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  1. What a fascinating and educational excursion!. Glad you got to see this.