Thursday, May 21, 2015

Pictures from Meeting Emilia

Here are pictures from our trip last October when we met Emilia. We enjoyed getting to know her over five days!

Day1: Read about our first day visiting Emilia here.

We had just met Emilia and were sitting on the back deck of her group home where she served us tea and banitsa.

At the park together. Can you tell how happy we all are?

Becoming a family

We pushed Emilia on the swing every single day we visited! 

One of my favorite photos!

Andrew and I would take turns standing behind and pushing and standing in front and pushing her feet. We usually sand to her as we pushed her on the swings. I think Andrew is doing the Itsy Bitsy Spider in this picture.
Day 4: Read about our fourth day visiting with Emilia here.

Getting Visa pictures taken
Walking in the same park we went to the 1st day of our visit.

Playing at the Park together!
Day 5: Read about our goodbyes with Emilia here.

So hard to say goodbye

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