Sunday, November 4, 2012

Both Hands: One for the Orphan, One for the Widow

Paying for an adoption isn't easy. For National Adoption Month, I wanted to share some fundraising ideas for families who are adopting. My absolute favorite fundraising idea for adoption is Both Hands Foundation.

Some reasons I love Both Hands Foundation:

1. I love the opportuity for the body of Christ to be the hands and feet of Jesus for a day!  This fulfills James 1:27 by helping both a widow and an orphan in a practical, hands on way.

The both hands project is a one day event! (Although there is preparation.) Short, sweet, and hard to beat!

This fundraiser can be so successful! Some families have actually raised enough funds through this fundraiser to cover all of their adoption expense. The average family raises $10,000.00!

4. 100% of the money raised goes toward the expenses of the family's adoption.  Both Hands does not take any money for overhead.

5. Organization is dear to my heart.  I love things to be done in an orderly fashion.  A project like fixing a widows house in a day takes some planning.  I love how Both Hands has everything in place to make this fundraiser run smoothly.

6. Since Both Hands is a licensed nonprofit, all donations/gifts are tax deductible.

7. I love that this fundraiser is not just for adopting families. A church can do a Both Hands fundraiser to raise money for an orphanage or a church adoption fund!

Sound to good to be true? It is not. This video explains how both hands works, and the compelling story of how founder J. T. Olson began the ministry.

For more information and to apply, click here.

Would you like to see a sample of what one family did in one day to help a widow and raise money for there adoption? See the video below.

PS. Through out November I will be posting more fundraising ideas!

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