Monday, November 5, 2012

No Morning Sickness Yet, But the Paper Cuts Are Terrible!

A Funny Conversation:
A few days ago, my pastor's wife told me, "I keep thinking about you and wondering how you are doing and if you are feeling sick. Then I remember that you are not pregnant!" (This is so funny to me.  Whenever I think about it I just get a big smile on my face.)

A Wistful Thought:
Yesterday, Andrew told me, "I woke up this morning wishing our children were home."

A Sad Story (With a Future Happy Ending):
A few weeks go, Andrew was traveling and had to sleep on an air mattress on a concrete floor.  During the night he woke up and was laying on the floor.  All the air had leaked out of the air mattress.  Andrew told me that he lay there thinking, "Is this what it is like for our children?"

The Same, Yet So Different
These three short stories give small window into our lives right now. We are expecting parents, but my belly isn't growing (at least it better not be!)  Try explaining that to someone...

I think our journey to parenthood is so different, yet somehow the same as those who arrive at parenthood through pregnancy. Sometimes we dream of our children, as all expectant parents do. Sometimes, we find humor in the stage of life we are in right now, as I think a pregnant couple must do too.  And sometimes we are wondering about the well being of our children, as pregnant woman and her husband must think about the health and safety of their unborn child.

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