Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Employee Adoption Benefits

What are Adoption Benefits?

Think retirement, health insurance, and paid vacation are the only benefits your employer offers? Maybe not. Many companies offer adoption benefits as part of there benefit packages. These companies provide their employees with paid and/or unpaid time off for adoption, financial assistance to adopt, and other benefits designed to promote adoption. The average adoption benefit includes $6,800 reimbursement for adoption expenses and four weeks of paid leave. But financial reimbursement can vary from $500 to $25,300, and one to 18 weeks of paid leave. Unpaid leave for adoption ranges from one week to three years.

Who Offers Adoption Benefits?

Who knew that Wendy's and Starbucks helped their employees pay for adoption expenses?! They do, (along with hundreds of other companies.) Every year, the Dave Thomas Foundation compiles a list of companies with the best adoption benefits for employees, including the best small, medium, and large employers. Here are the top 100 adoption-friendly workplaces in 2011 and in 2012. You company may still offer adoption benefits even if they are not on this list, as this list is only the top 100 companies.

Who is Eligible to Receive Benefits?

Nine out of 10 employers offer the adoption benefit immediately upon hire, or within the first year of
employment, and 65 percent offer the benefit to both full- and part-time employees. Most employers reimburse for specific adoption expenses, such as home studies, application fees, legal services, court proceedings, parental counseling, transportation, lodging and immigration. While financial adoption benefits generally apply equally to all employees who are eligible, employers sometimes graduate paid leave based on years of service and stipulate that if both parents are employees, they must share the leave.

My Employer Doesn't Offer Benefits

Your employer doesn't give adoption benefits? Use the Dave Thomas Foundation's Adoption-Friendly Workplace Toolkit. It will  help you propose an adoption benefits policy to your employer. Learn more about free Adoption-Friendly Workplace kits.

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