Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas Shopping?

It's that time of year again.  I love Christmas and I love shopping. But I am not such a big fan of Christmas shopping. I don't like the lines, or trying to figure out what people would like, or how crowded the stores get.  I have discovered online shopping.  I must say I like it!

If you are Christmas shopping on Amazon this year, would you please use our Amazon fundraiser link? (www.tinyurl.com/helpandrewandkatieadopt) There will be no extra charge to you. We will get a small percentage of the sale to put towards our adoption! Please consider bookmarking this link or adding it to your favorites!


  1. Hi! I have an amazon cart of stuff to order and want to help you guys!! When I click your link it is going to the amazon home page and I don't see anything about a fundraiser. Is that how it should be? Just want to make sure you get a percentage. I'm holding off a day or two from ordering hoping to hear back from you :) Blessings! Esther

    1. It won't say anything about a fundraiser. However only items added to the cart after clicking the link will count, not items saved in your cart. Thanks!